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September 29, 2021
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October 15, 2021

In the past several years, dentistry has been transformed by technology. From the way dental practices plan case management to the treatments available for patients, things look quite different than they once did. That not only means amazing results for patients but also higher levels of efficiency within the practice. Perhaps one of the biggest changes, though, has been the introduction of CO2 dental lasers. 

A Bit of History

CO2 laser therapy has been part of medicine since the early 1970s. It didn’t really enter dentistry until the 1990s, though. At that point, it was simply an exercise in research. When the FDA granted clearance of dental lasers later in that decade, the laser market took off. Today, there are many available options for dentists who want to offer patients better dental care, including the powerful DEKA CO2 laser.

What Makes the DEKA CO2 Dental Lasers Different

While dental lasers of all types offer much to patients today, the DEKA model is quite different. It is the fastest-cutting CO2 laser on the market today.  DEKA CO2  lasers now offer the option of super pulsing as well as ultra-pulsing which makes them much more versatile and kinder to tissue than past models. Our lasers offer more hard and soft tissue treatment options than many other choices available.

It’s easy to select the right operating model, and thanks to an advanced laser-beam Pulse Shape Design (PSD) delivery system, every patient can expect enhanced precision and performance. PSD allows the clinician to choose which beam profile they want to use to deliver optimal results based on the tissue type. A clinician can now choose to cut deeper with better coagulation or deeper with no coagulation in addition to the previous pulse shape which is ideal for simply parting tissue in cases like frenectomies. With either option, you can expect added patient comfort, improved efficiency, and better results. 

No matter which model you choose with us, you’ll get a lightweight, ergonomic choice that means you can rapidly, effectively treat patients. Each is cost-effective and means better outcomes for patients. 

Versatility Included

Perhaps the best part of the DEKA CO2 laser is the fact that it’s one of the most versatile tools any practice could implement. Ideal for cosmetic procedures as well as microsurgical applications, this laser is well suited for almost any soft tissue therapy because the variety of pulse options available help provide many treatments without damaging the surrounding tissue or the delicate tissue under the treatment area. Perhaps more importantly, though, is that it helps produce less pain and swelling after the procedure. Additionally, it’s been shown to reduce bacteria during almost every procedure. 

Accuracy is just part of the equation with the DEKA CO2 laser, a must for microsurgical treatments like incisional and excisional biopsies and the removal of lesions and growths. As you look to improve your patients’ treatment options and decrease discomfort and scaring, our dental laser is a clear choice. It’s one of the single best alternatives to scalpel surgery in your practice, and it’s the clear way to differentiate your practice from others. 

The Diamond Dental Difference

As you realize the benefits of CO2 dental lasers in your practice, you’ll want to look for the education and mentorship necessary to add this component to your practice. At Diamond Dental Supply, we offer not only the leading technology in the field, including the DEKA CO2 laser but also the guidance you need to move forward. We work with dentists all over the country who have already implemented this technology within their own practices. 

For example, many dentists have heard Dr. Chad Duplantis speak online and in many different settings about what adding a DEKA CO2 laser did for his practice. Dr. Duplantis works with us regularly to help dentists just like you advance and add this benefit for your patients. If you’re ready not only for the equipment that will change the way you work but also for the guidance you need to implement it, contact us today. We offer the best package of technology and mentorship available today