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DEKA CO2 Lasers

DEKA Smart US-20 D CO2 Laser

Main Applications
• Maxillofacial Surgery
• General Dentistry
• Conservative Dentistry
• Periodontics
• Endodontics
• Implantology


DEKA SmartXide Ultraspeed CO2 Laser

The newest addition to the DEKA CO2 Family, with all the features of the USD20 CO2 Laser including the following:
• RF Excited CO2 Laser Source
• The Only CO2 Laser Capable of Choosing Between 4 Different Pulse Shapes
• 5 Year Full Warranty

DEKA Smart US-20D CO2 Laser

The Smart US-20D CO2 laser offers the practitioner the ultimate in soft tissue therapies and treatments in all areas of General Dentistry, Periodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Through its innovative design, its technical capabilities, and its versatile user programs, this laser has become the “workhorse” in the dental practice. The Smart US-20D is the only CO2 laser that incorporates all facilities for absolute accuracy in micro-surgical applications coupled with total efficiency in the speed of energy transmission, resulting in optimal clinical conditions and prognoses for post-operative recovery.

DEKA's proprietary UltraSpeed pulse, with high peak powers, allows the clinician the capability to incise tissue with the speed of a scalpel while sealing blood vessels for a bloodless surgical field. The speed of the pulse allows the surrounding tissue time to cool. The result is virtually no trauma to the surrounding tissue. This means faster, more precise incisions, with improved healing properties. In turn, this leads to more effective treatments with next to no downtime-many times without the need for sutures. Because of the laser's precision, power and control, the Smart US-20D CO2 laser is the laser of choice in oral surgery and periodontal procedures. It provides the broadest procedure spectrum of any dental laser available.

SmartXide Ultraspeed

The Smartxide Ultraspeed CO2 laser system offers the practitioner the ultimate in soft tissue therapies and treatments in all areas of General Dentistry, Maxillofacial Surgery, Periodontics, Endodontics, and Implantology. Through its unmatched speed, its technical capabilities and its versatility, which is due to the availability of multiple pulse shapes, this laser system has become a “workhorse” in the dental practice. Building on the legacy of the DEKA Smart US-20D CO2 Laser, the Smartxide Ultraspeed CO2 has set a new standard in technology and innovation with the advancement of the following:

RF Excited Technology
RF Technology features an all-metal tube that requires less voltage resulting in more stable and efficient energy emission, longer life, and faster cutting and vaporization of soft tissues.

Multiple Pulse Shape Design
Every CO2 laser manufacturer’s laser is locked into 1 predisposed beam profile, or shape design. Different shapes arguably have different advantages (from incisions, ablation, deepithiliazion, etc) and manufacturers will argue why theirs is superior to their competitors. The Smartxide Ultraspeed is the only CO2 laser globally to offer 4 different pulse shapes with the touch of a button (3 of which are commonly available and 1 which is proprietary to DEKA)—all market availabilities are now in one unit.