Cutting-Edge Ankyloglossia Care: The Modern Approach to Tongue Tie Intervention  PART 2 - Analysis of client’s medical history.

Live ZOOM Session
3:30 - 4:30PM EST
1 CE


Diagnosis: Analysis of client’s medical history. Including how to assess weight gain, medications & misdiagnoses
Key Building Blocks: There are three interlocking facets essential for success in Ankyloglossia intervention...Proper Diagnosis, Adequate Pre-procedure Preparation and Adequate Aftercare
Terms: Including Failure To Thrive, Aerophagia, Reflux, Zantac, Colic and Lifts vs. Stretches vs. Sweeps
Secret Sauce: Specifically who answers your office phone? What “standing order” might be appropriate?

We at Joyful Start LC are thrilled to partner with Diamond Dental Supply to offer a comprehensive 5-part series of unique new webinars focused on Modern Ankyloglossia

Each presentation in our comprehensive webinar series will:

  • Highlight one specific segment of the complex Ankyloglossia diagnosis process
  • Accent a key building block in successful tie intervention
  • Enhance your communication skills, as we build on a comprehensive glossary of terms
  • Empower you with a bit of the Secret Sauce of enhancing client satisfaction
  • Allow time to address participant questions

2020 offers a rare moment in clinical care. While it has proven itself to be disruptive, on a positive note 2020 has allowed time for concerns to be addressed. 2020 will be remembered as a time in history of: an explosion in research, phenomenal enhancements in TeleHealth & distance communication, and a moment when life milestones in education were achieved. We’ve been granted a rare opportunity to connect with you, our peers & colleagues, to share evolving advances in clinical care!

Specifically in Ankyloglossia Care… the most challenging aspect of addressing this unique structural deviation, TOT, Tethered Oral Tissue, has been that successful intervention requires a full team of specific specialists… none of whom were fully educated about ties in their fundamental professional training. Each professional must have a motivation to offer care, discover the gap in their training, and then seek information to empower themselves to contribute fully.

The Ankyloglossia Care Team includes Dentists, Medical Doctors, International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, and a variety of Physical Rehab Specialists. All of these professionals need Continuing Education to become sub specialists within this field.

All participants will be given a packet of series documents, including a curated list of international Ankyloglossia experts. Additionally a full glossary will be provided.


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Joyce Pye Funston RN IBCLC RLC
Owner/founder/CEO/Chief IBCLC of Joyful Start LC - A multi-discipline lactation support practice in Charlottesville, Virginia,

Joy developed enthusiasm about breastfeeding over the span of her hospital based Registered Nurse career, 27 years bedside in Pediatric & Newborn intensive care units. She consistently saw the advantage breast milk gave her young patients. She gained her IBCLC credential during the infancy of that profession late 1980s.

Since transitioning to private practice Joy observed that >80% of the moms who seek her care are in fact challenged by the functional symptoms of tethered oral tissue. This observation led Joy to join with other Ankyloglossia professionals, as a member of The International Affiliation of Tongue Tie Professionals (IATP).

Joy was one of the speakers of IATP's 2017 Denver summit. She also contributes to IATP as a member of their Board of Directors. In fall 2019 Joy was a Keynote speaker at the European La Leche League Summit in Paris.

Joy's strengths are her intuition, her skilled detection of underlying problems, and the infectious confidence she brings to her practice. She has absolute faith in every mother/baby dyad's ability to succeed, if they are provided with the proper team of educated experienced support!



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