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We are proud and honored to be partnering with leading educators in the dental industry with pricing, support, and education. If you are interested in pursuing continuing education, please inquire. Scholarships may be available with your purchase.



OCTOBER 20-21: (Acme, Michigan): Moving “Beyond the Bite” to enhance the body’s adaptive capacity

Recognizing and enhancing facial asymmetry and the underlying CRANIAL STRAIN PATTERNS that impact posture, airway, and the parasympathetic nervous system

Topics Include:

  • Explore the underlying meaning of crooked faces, crooked teeth, and cranial strains.
  • Reviewing the cranial system, how it works, and why we impact it daily.
  • Simplifying body posture from the top down and the bottom up so it makes practical sense to the patient and practitioner.
  • Understanding the closed loop kinematic skeletal system and the two openings.
  • Utilizing a Uniblock appliance to create a gap in one of those openings to enhance the body’s adaptive capacity.
  • Discussing cervical instability and its relationship to posture, vertebral artery, common carotid, jugular, C1C2, respiration, cerebral spinal fluid, vagus nerve and the uvula.
  • The relationship between the temporal bone, TMJ & vestibulocochlear system—understanding pathology within the pathology.
  • Before and after case reviews of patients utilizing two Uniblock appliances.
  • Additional topics and pearls that will be touched on as it relates to my daily practice:
    Resistance Breathing, Fascia, Trigger Points, Mechanotransduction, Tongue-Tie, Snoring, DEKA LASER Sphenoid Bone, Three Gas System, Nitric Oxide, Mouth vs Nose Breathing, Heart Rate Variability, BioResearch, JVA, and Jaw Tracking.

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Purchasing new technology is an exciting time for a practice. With each new advancement in technology a practice can more effectively diagnose, treat, and increase case acceptance. It is also an opportunity for a practice to expand the services that they offer to their patients.

One of the biggest roadblocks to implementing technology is lack of training and ongoing support. The unfortunate reality is that after the initial training on new technologies, most offices are left to their own devices to implement and continue to learn with very little outside help – almost always leading to frustration among team members.

At Diamond Dental, we want your technology to become a centerpiece in your practice. One of the ways we support our customers is through monthly mentorship calls. As part of our extended Diamond Dental family, you have access to monthly CBCT and CO2 Laser mentorship calls. During these small group sessions with a mentor doctor, we invite you to bring a challenging case, questions on anatomy, case presentation, treatment planning, billing, or any other questions you have surrounding the technology. Any topic or challenge is up for discussion. Our goal is to lessen the learning curve and help you best utilize the technology to enhance your patient experience. Please reach out to us directly at for more information or to register for a future session.


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