Partnerships with Leading Educators

We are proud and honored to be partnering with leading educators in the dental industry with pricing, support, and education. If you are interested in pursuing continuing education, please inquire. Scholarships may be available with your purchase.


FRIDAY JULY 17: Ankyloglossia Care: The Modern Approach to Tongue Tie Intervention PART 1 - FREE WEBINAR


Diagnosis: The Oral Exam: What can you see & feel? What’s normal? Why is symmetry important?

Key Building Blocks: The basics…how prevalent is Ankyloglossia, what has caused the upswing in Dx & intervention, and let’s dive deeply into Normal Tongue Functionality

Terms: Normal vs. Commonly Seen/Frequently Occurring, Release vs. Revision, Frenectomy vs. Frenotomy

Secret Sauce: How will you triage…Who gets that emergency schedule spot?


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FRIDAY JULY 24: Ankyloglossia Care: The Modern Approach to Tongue Tie Intervention PART 2 - FREE WEBINAR


Diagnosis: Analysis of client’s medical history. Including how to assess weight gain, medications & misdiagnoses

Key Building Blocks: There are three interlocking facets essential for success in Ankyloglossia intervention…Proper Diagnosis, Adequate Pre-procedure Preparation and Adequate Aftercare

Terms: Including Failure To Thrive, Aerophagia, Reflux, Zantac, Colic and Lifts vs. Stretches vs. Sweeps

Secret Sauce: Specifically who answers your office phone? What “standing order” might be appropriate?

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FRIDAY AUGUST 7: Ankyloglossia Care: The Modern Approach to Tongue Tie Intervention PART 3 - FREE WEBINAR


Diagnosis: Obtaining a clear feeding history. What challenges are abnormal? How do they relate to TOT?
Key Building Blocks: How do you build a team? How will having a network of colleagues grow your practice?
Terms: The alphabet soup of all the professionals, & Torticollis vs.Tortisoma & Plagiocephaly vs. Brachycephaly
Secret Sauce: Communicating empathetically…who has your cell #? How you to convey realistic expectations?

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FRIDAY AUGUST 14: Combining Piezosurgery® and CO2 Laser Technologies for Advanced Clinical Applications - FREE WEBINAR


Learn how Piezosurgery® and lasers can be incorporated into your practice to allow for enhanced efficiency and better clinical outcomes in both conventional as well as minimally invasive oral and periodontal surgery.

This webinar is designed for new users, those already using the technology, and all those interested in learning more about the technologies.

In this course you will:

  • Learn how Piezosurgery® and lasers offer minimally invasive alternatives to traditional surgery to enhance and expand surgical services you offer patients.
  • Learn about the science and patented technological breakthroughs employed in the development of both Piezosurgery® by Mectron and the DEKA CO2 laser.
  • See how Piezosugery® and lasers reduce bleeding, tissue trauma, morbidity and help reduce stress on the practitioner when working closely to delicate structures.
  • Learn why Piezosurgery® can be a better alternative than traditional instrumentation for osseous surgeries, as well as how your treatment outcomes are improved by use of this device and the laser.
  • Understand the many applications where Piezosurgery® and the CO2 laser may be utilized in providing a better patient experience, as well as reducing the stress on the practitioner.
  • Understand the implications of aerosol management using these technologies as an alternative to traditional instrumentation.

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Diamond Dental Supply donates 2% of qualified purchases to charitable causes. We will make a 1% contribution to any 501(c)(3) charity of the purchasing doctor’s choosing in the doctor’s name, and then match the contribution with an additional 1% to Diamond Dental Supply’s donor-advised endowment fund.