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MicroLight Smart Laser Console + Triple Probe Paddle
March 3, 2023
MicroLight Smart Laser – Single Probe (Without Console)
March 3, 2023
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MicroLight Smart Laser – Triple Probe (Without Console)



The Smart Laser Triple Probe* paddle features three Gallium-¬Aluminum-Arsenide (GaAlAs) diodes per paddle, with beams that travel in a straight line forming a single wavelength, concentrated into one location, 30 milliwatts (mW) per diode, 830 nanometers (nm), delivering 3 joules of energy per 33-second treatment.

Ideal for larger treatments such as spinal decompression, back pain, neck pain, large joint/muscle groups, and lymphedema.

*Smart Laser Console Unit Required. Probes and Paddles cannot operate stand-alone



(1) Smart Laser Triple Probe paddle