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Welcome to Diamond Dental!

We’re excited to have you as an extended part of our team. We have designed this referral program not only to extend our sales and marketing reach, but also to welcome into our team select industry professionals who can financially benefit with our growth and success.

The core motivation of this program stems from the frustration we have all felt in our industry resulting from corporate boundaries, divisions, and to be frank — corporate greed. Our philosophy is to treat all of our partners (customers, key influencing doctors, manufacturing partners, and most importantly, our team members) in a manner that honors and respects everyone.

With the current exception of the PreXion CBCT, your referral fee will be 10% of the sale price. Due to the margins with PreXion, the referral fee is 5% of the sale price.

Your direct point of contact will be John DeFrancesco, but our entire team is always available to help you with whatever you need. Here is a list of team members you may come in contact with:

John DeFrancesco, Director Of Sales
Cell: ‭(908) 380-4971‬

Oana Stoiculescu, Senior Sales Manager
Cell: (615) 668-2682

Gabby Santa, Customer Support Manager
Cell: (865) 771-3153‬

Below are videos of webinars we have done for your reference and to give you a general sense of the applications of our core products, as well as product sheets and additional information you can download to share with doctors.

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