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What are the Advantages of Adding Laser Dentistry to Your Practice?
October 22, 2021

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the fastest-growing sectors of dentistry today, and many practices are considering the integration of a cosmetic dental laser to enhance patient care or add additional services. Understanding laser and cosmetic dentistry and how a laser can enhance your practice is a key part of researching why a laser might be the right tool for your team. 

A Bit of Laser History

In the early sixties, dentists began taking a closer look at laser technology to understand how it might work for patients. By the early ‘80s, dental lasers had gained wide acceptance among oral surgeons, and smaller devices, as well as more flexible systems, were under development so other practitioners could integrate them for the benefit of their own patients. 

The field really began to grow in the early ‘90s, though, when the FDA initially cleared a pulsed Nd:YAG laser for the purpose of soft-tissue surgery. As the decade progressed, additional clearances were given by the FDA for other kinds of procedures. Today, dental lasers are used for many different options. In fact, attend any seminar on dental lasers and they may seem like the veritable cure-all of the field today. 

The Power of Lasers in Cosmetic Dentistry

One American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry study found that most cosmetic procedures have experienced more than a 200% growth over the past five years. Now more than ever, patients are requesting dental procedures for aesthetic reasons over any other concerns, and lasers can be incredibly helpful in this space. 

The right laser can mean smile sculpting potential, better tooth whitening power, and the power to safely provide cosmetic improvements like soft tissue crown lengthening. 

There are several reasons cosmetic dental lasers are the preferred tool in this space. 

  • Versatile: One reason so many practices turn to dental lasers over other options is that they’re incredibly versatile. Laser technology has advanced at an incredible speed in the last few years, so no matter what procedure you want to provide for patients, they’re all on the table now once you add a laser to your practice. 
  • Safe: Dental lasers offer a level of safety other options simply can’t provide. They reduce the spread of bacteria, thus preventing many infections, and they help to eliminate damage to other tissues during various procedures thanks to their high level of accuracy. 
  • Better Results: Many studies have found that patients experience better results after laser cosmetic procedures. They have the ability to create predictable beauty with nearly every procedure, and that means a higher standard of care and far happier patients in the long run. 

A cosmetic dental laser is one of the best tools for clinical use available today. They offer a number of advantages over other tools, and they make a real impression when it comes to results. They are the future of cosmetic dentistry. To learn more about the right laser for your practice, please contact us today.