October 20-21, 2023
Acme, MI
14 CE Credits

“Moving “Beyond the Bite” to enhance the body’s adaptive capacity

Recognizing and enhancing facial asymmetry and the underlying CRANIAL STRAIN PATTERNS that impact posture, airway, and the parasympathetic nervous system

This course will cover:

  • Explore the underlying meaning of crooked faces, crooked teeth, and cranial strains.
  • Reviewing the cranial system, how it works, and why we impact it daily.
  • Simplifying body posture from the top down and the bottom up so it makes practical sense to the patient and practitioner.
  • Understanding the closed loop kinematic skeletal system and the two openings.
  • Utilizing a Uniblock appliance to create a gap in one of those openings to enhance the body’s adaptive capacity.
  • Discussing cervical instability and its relationship to posture, vertebral artery, common carotid, jugular, C1C2, respiration, cerebral spinal fluid, vagus nerve and the uvula.
  • The relationship between the temporal bone, TMJ & vestibulocochlear system—understanding pathology within the pathology.
  • Before and after case reviews of patients utilizing two Uniblock appliances.
  • Additional topics and pearls that will be touched on as it relates to my daily practice:
    Resistance Breathing, Fascia, Trigger Points, Mechanotransduction, Tongue-Tie, Snoring, DEKA LASER Sphenoid Bone, Three Gas System, Nitric Oxide, Mouth vs Nose Breathing, Heart Rate Variability, BioResearch, JVA, and Jaw Tracking.

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Dr. Tim Adams

Dr. Adams is a graduate of Indiana University School of Dentistry where he taught clinical dentistry for 5 years. After developing a highly successful esthetic restorative practice for 19 years, he moved to Las Vegas in 2002 to become a full-time faculty member as the Clinical Director at LVI.
While there, he taught clinical skills and lectured to dentists throughout North America, combining the fine art of esthetic dentistry and neuromuscular rehabilitation along with maintaining a private practice. His love for private practice prompted him to move back to Indianapolis to focus entirely on patient care. He has lectured for Myotronics, Bioresearch, The Center at Dental Ceramics, The Aurum Group, Aviara Institute and published over 21 articles including co-authoring a chapter in the prestigious Dental Clinics of North America. Dr. Adams has just recently began providing access to his wealth of knowledge via individualized online training and patient workups which utilize an innovative software developed by the Mayo Clinic. 
A journey filled with paradigm shifts and epiphanies has taken him around the country teaching dentists to look at their patients in a more Quantum vs Newtonian approach. A very humble and unique style allows him to simplify the complicated by making it uncomplicated.


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