MedX PBM Cold Laser Therapy

Available Models

Oralase Handheld: Benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy

  • Reduce use of pediatric anesthetic
  • Eliminate or significantly decrease pain resulting in more satisfied clients (e.g. post operative pain, swelling or bruising decreased, comfortable deep scaling)
  • Word of mouth referrals from satisfied patients
  • Treat conditions often unresponsive to traditional forms of therapy. Example – TMJ, facial pain, sinusitis or paraesthesia.
  • Decrease the need for drugs that often associated with side effects
  • Differentiate your practice from others and market the benefits of low level laser therapy
  • Easy to use and delegate to hygienist or dental assistants
  • Accelerate orthodontic teeth mobility

Home Unit: Benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy

MedX HOME is a compact light device designed to offer the dentist and dental staff a fast and effective solution for pain control and tissue repair.

It is set up to be used by both the dentist and the dental staff or to be programmed and taken home by the patient.

Light therapy is a non-heating method of delivering an even distribution of energy for extra-oral applications.

Both low level laser and light therapy devices have been used for decades demonstrating worldwide clinical success and safety.